Transport krajowy i zagraniczny

28 March 2022

International transport is the main pillar of our business, and domestic transport complements our offer.

Optimal service and determination in action, we deal with all forms of cargo transport, both full truck loads. full truck load and partial load, i.e. less than truckload.
We also transport dangerous goods, specialized goods and classic goods, e.g. on pallets.

In order to practice as a road transport operator, it is necessary to have an appropriate permit, national license, international license and a certificate of professional competence.
We, as transport specialists, have our own permits – we do not grant them from other companies.

In addition, we have an extensive range of insurance and protection for the goods we transport.

International Freight Transport is a transport service between different countries that moves certain products, known as freight, in transit.
Its range affects almost every continent, but in particular it is based on the organization of road transport throughout the European Union and beyond (eg Switzerland, Norway, England).
We use our experience in the transport of goods in all countries, including the Alpine and Balkan countries.

We have mastered perfectly the work related to the organization of clearances in a customs agency – its interaction with the customs office and possible control. We have an EORI number, which allows us to identify the company in the customs systems in the country and the European Union.


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