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Optimal service and determination in action, we deal with all forms of cargo transport, both full truck loads. full truck load and partial load, i.e. less than truckload.

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We are available at any time of the day or night so that all customer wishes are 100% fulfilled!


Everything under control thanks to integration with our cargo tracking system.Zlecając nam transport udostępnimy indywidualny link, który pozwoli Ci śledzić etap realizacji operacji transportowej. Pracując z drogimi ładunkami bardzo ważne jest zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa podczas transportu do miejsca przeznaczenia.

360° service

360° service, when placing an order, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of the goods! Everything else is our specialty.Our company knows how to create a responsible business. In accordance with this principle, we specialize in, among others:organization and the appropriate good of the means of transport, taking into account the specificity of the road infrastructure appropriate way of packing and storing cargo full documentation and organization of clearance at the customs agency reduction of transport costs, proper route planning The professionalism and effectiveness of Perfekkt Kacper Kozakiewicz's activities are confirmed by numerous opinions of our clients.

door to door

The longer the route to overcome, the more difficulties there are. That is why the "door-to-door" service is gaining more and more recognition.The popularity of this transport model results from its significant advantages, appreciated both by our clients and recipients of the cargo.First of all, it should be pointed out that it saves a lot of time and, above all, money. By entrusting the load to our company, we do not have to personally look for smaller contractors who could carry out individual stages of transport.

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Since the beginning of the company’s establishment, we have been serving our customers, we deal with comprehensive organization of domestic and international transport of almost any goods.
We transport goods using a fleet of new cars with a load capacity of up to 33 euro pallets / 24 tons and a volume of over 100m3

We stand out, among others:

  • Determination in action
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs
  • We do more than is expected of us
  • Partnership and loyalty towards our contractors and associates
  • We treat each inquiry individually, with special attention
  • We relieve principals in dealing with transport formalities
  • We organize transport effectively and in a timely manner
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  • Door-to-door service
  • 24h route tracking
  • 100% hassle-free delivery guaranteed
  • Insurance of your goods up to EUR 300,000
  • Transportation of your goods by full-truck car or in addition
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What we drive

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Van bus – short
Mercedes Sprinter
icon icon icon
Space: 345 cm x 172 cm x 190 cm
Pallet places: 4 pieces
Goods load capacity: 1500 kg
Loading: back, side
Van bus – long
Mercedes Sprinter
icon icon icon icon
Space: 485 cm x 196 cm x 190 cm
Pallet places: 6 pieces
Goods load capacity: 1200 kg
Loading: back, side
Bus sprinter – short
Mercedes Sprinter
icon icon icon
Space: 420 cm x 200 - 230 cm x 220 cm
Pallet places: 6 pieces
Goods load capacity: 1200 kg
Loading: back, side
Bus plane – long
Mercedes Sprinter
icon icon icon
Space: 485 cm x 230-260 cm x 220 cm
Pallet places: 10 pieces
Goods load capacity: 1000 kg
Loading: back, side
Bus plane – with a lift
Mercedes Sprinter
icon icon icon icon
Space: 420 cm x 230 cm x 220 cm
Pallet places: 8 pieces
Goods load capacity: 700 kg
Loading: back, side
MEGA set
Mercedes Actros
icon icon icon icon
Space: 1360 cm x 300 cm x 248 cm
Pallet places: 33 pieces
Goods load capacity: 24000 kg
Loading: back, side, top
Truck 7.5 t
Mercedes Atego
icon icon icon
Space: 780 cm x 260 cm x 240 cm
Pallet places: 19 pieces
Goods load capacity: 3300 kg
Loading: back, side, top
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Food industry

Transporting food products is a big logistical challenge. The carrier must guarantee appropriate conditions for specific food groups. Starting from fresh products, through loose, animal...


One of the most important foundations of the economy is the automotive industry. This industry requires, above all, extraordinary dynamics and accuracy.Transportation of car parts and components is...

Medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

The medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are among the most demanding industries. Medicines and cosmetics require special care...

Resettlement property

We specialize in transporting property throughout the European Union. We organize transport services for both individuals and companies, offices, shops and other institutions.We always adapt to the requirements...

RTV and household appliances

Our transport services also include the transport of RTV and household appliances. We can easily transport a washing machine, fridge, oven or any other equipment. Transportation can take place in...

Building Materials

The transport of building materials requires special accuracy and care. Most goods are highly susceptible to damage. Our experience makes...

Dangerous Goods (ADR)

The transport of dangerous goods requires specialist knowledge. These are loads whose physical, chemical or biological properties may pose a threat to people, animals or the natural environment.Our drivers have the necessary training...

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